The Patient Revolution Mission

We stand against the status quo. Against the idea of healthcare as an industry. Against healthcare systems that prioritize efficiency and revenue over everything else. Against encounters corrupted by the need to document and bill. Against greed. Our revolution challenges this as the best we can do. We can do better.

Healthcare is about understanding who you are and what ails you and then figuring out how best to move forward. For this, healthcare needs to see you and your situation in high definition; the full, messy, contradictory picture. For that, it needs your involvement. What emerges from a healthcare encounter should reflect your goals and the best knowledge, not an organization's business objectives. Healthcare should be propelled by solidarity.

Our vision for the future is one in which healthcare is careful and kind. Careful and kind patient care is care that is safe, makes use of the best available evidence and is prepared to grapple with the uncertainty which underlies clinical knowledge and recommendations. It is care that strives to see patients as individual people, including their history, their aspirations, and their strengths and limitations in light of their struggles. It is care that unites patients, caregivers and clinicians as partners working through health situations to find the best course of action for this person, at this moment in time. 

The Patient Revolution is committed to developing tools, programs and resources that help patients, caregivers and clinicians take tangible steps towards this future state. And we stand ready to serve as advocates, collaborators or facilitators with people and communities interested in building that future together. Join us.